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Accused Of Stalking Someone?

Some allegations of stalking appear so outrageous; it would seem impossible that a conviction of the crime could ever result. But know that if you are charged, you face serious consequences.

If someone accuses you of a crime such as stalking, speak to an attorney at once. There is a difference between showing up unannounced once or twice on an ex’s doorstep and doing so repeatedly without permission. Here at the Law Office of David Jellinek, we can assess your circumstances to determine how to proceed with your case. Let us develop a dedicated strategy that protects your rights today.

What A Conviction Could Mean

Massachusetts has a two-fold definition of stalking. It addresses both the persistent pattern of behavior intended to distress or alarm, as well as any direct threats made to the alleged victim.

The penalties for stalking depend on the unique situation of a case, but may include:

  • Prison time of up to, but no more than, five years
  • Jail time of up to, but no more than, two and a half years
  • A fine of up to, but no more than, $1000
  • Additional penalties for matters related to domestic violence

A recurring offense can lead to more severe sentencing. Those with a prior record should not hesitate to reach out to us immediately.

Work With Us To Protect Yourself

Accusations of stalking can come from an ex-spouse or partner, as well as strangers. Not only can such claims put you in a difficult position with the law, but they also have the ability to ruin your reputation.

When a false statement can significantly impact your career or future, seek the legal guidance you need from a law firm and lawyer you can trust. Call our office in Boston at 857-203-0900 or request a free and confidential consultation online.