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What To Expect During Our First Meeting

At the Law Office of David Jellinek, every client can discuss his or her case in a free consultation that is protected by attorney-client privilege. This first meeting allows you to get free information about your criminal charges and possible defenses, and lets you meet attorney David Jellinek in person. Anyone with criminal charges in the Greater Boston area can come to our Newton law firm and get valuable information about their case.

A Comprehensive Legal Review With No Obligations

Our goal in a free consultation is to empower clients with as much information as possible. In our first meeting, we can answer your questions and discuss the next steps you should take.

Clients should bring everything related to their case, particularly anything to do with immigration, so that we can give them the right answers. Even if we do not end up working together, our lawyer can give you the tools needed to choose a trustworthy attorney.

You Will Receive A Timeline In Our First Meeting

After you feel comfortable, we will review your side of the story and case details. Based on this analysis, we can give you an assessment of what you can expect from the criminal justice system and the options you have to move forward.

Once we agree on a course of action, our criminal defense attorney will put in the hard work needed to get your wanted case results. We tailor our approach to meet every client’s unique needs and will fight to get whatever you define as a win. If there are any developments in your case, we will keep you updated as soon as the information arrives.

Time Is A Factor. Get Help With Your Criminal Charges.

Waiting to get legal help can magnify problems and weaken your case. Our lawyer has over 15 years of Massachusetts criminal defense experience and a long record of criminal defense success for clients facing a variety of charges. We have competitive rates and can give you an estimate of expected legal costs in our first meeting.

Call our law firm now at 857-203-0900 or fill out the contact form to schedule your free consultation. We return all client messages within 24 hours.