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A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Drunk Or High Driving Offenses

Operating a vehicle while under the influence (OUI) of alcohol or other controlled substances is a criminal charge that can carry heavy fines, mandatory minimum jail time and an expensive ignition interlock system. Even if a person refuses to take a chemical test of their blood or breath, they will have their driver’s license suspended and may still face OUI charges.

At the Law Office of David Jellinek, we defend the rights of people across the Greater Boston area charged with an OUI. Our Newton law firm gives criminal defense clients across Massachusetts personalized representation for their charges.

The Consequences Of An OUI Conviction

A first-time OUI offender in Massachusetts can have their driver’s license suspended for a year, and face up to $5,000 in fines as well as up to two and a half years in jail.

Drivers under the age of 21 who drive with a .02 or higher BAC can be charged with a minor OUI, with a conviction resulting in fines, up to 30 days in jail and an alcohol education program.

Multiple OUI convictions carry more severe consequences with a fifth offense carrying up to five years in prison and a lifetime revocation of a driver’s license.

We will fight to get you the best possible outcome for your case and may be able to get your OUI reduced to a reckless driving charge. If you are a first-time OUI offender, you may also qualify for a “Section 24D” probation, education and rehabilitation program. We can check the details of your arrest and give you options for how to proceed with your case.

Your First Steps After A Drunk Driving Arrest

Call our office at 857-203-0900 immediately after a drunk driving arrest. We can handle all communications with the police and will immediately start protecting your ability to drive. Giving well-intentioned statements to the police can hurt your defense and may give law enforcement an advantage in negotiations. Our attorney can answer your questions and discuss your case details in a free consultation.

You Can Call Our Law Firm At Any Time

Our lawyer keeps clients updated with every case development. Clients can reach David Jellinek by phone, text or email at any time.

Call us at 857-203-0900 or send us an email to discuss your case in a free consultation.