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Help For People Charged With Child Abuse

At the Law Office of David Jellinek, we defend clients from all types of child abuse charges, including neglect, and physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Our Newton office works to get people throughout the Greater Boston area the best possible outcomes for their charges.

We have seen how an accidental injury can lead to accusations of child abuse and then criminal charges. If you are a parent accused of child abuse, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families may also investigate your family in addition to filing criminal charges.

Our attorney will work with you to understand the details of alleged domestic violence and find the true story behind your child’s injuries. Based on this examination of the facts, we will create a personalized criminal defense that protects your rights.

Some of the most challenging cases for our clients are child abuse charges coupled with claims of sexual abuse. A child sex abuse conviction can carry compulsory sex offender registration and limit your parental rights. If you are charged with child abuse or a sex crime, we can handle communications with law enforcement and fight for your interests in the courtroom.

Child Abuse And False Allegations

False accusations of child abuse are an unfortunate reality that parents going through a divorce or people going through an intense dispute can face. We can guide you through this traumatizing experience and work to get justice for your case. Our lawyer has years of experience with false accusations, and he will protect your best interests.

Talking To An Attorney Earlier Can Help Your Case

We offer free consultations to clients so you can discuss your case details and get to know our attorney. We can give you an idea of the most likely outcome of your case and create a detailed plan for how we can help.

Call our law firm now at 857-203-0900 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your message.