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Criminal Defense Counsel For The Greater Boston Area

Defending yourself from criminal charges can involve hearings, negotiating with prosecutors and a comprehensive review of all evidence. At the Law Office of David Jellinek, we guide our clients through the challenges of the criminal justice system and defend their rights at every step of the process. Our Newton law firm represents criminal defense clients throughout Massachusetts, including Middlesex, Suffolk and Norfolk counties.

Attorney David Jellinek has over 15 years of legal experience and previously served as a staff attorney for the State Public Defender’s Office as well as the Boston Police Department. This background has given him insight into both sides of the criminal justice process and the skills to discover when police have made mistakes. In your free consultation, he will give you a timeline of what you can expect for your case and a plan of how he can help.

We defend people facing many types of criminal charges, from sexual assault and stalking to traffic violations. No case is too complex.

District Attorneys Often Overcharge

District attorneys across the country have made a habit of overcharging people for their alleged crimes. Overcharging gives district attorneys more power when bargaining for a plea and may cause a person to accept a deal out of fear. We defend clients against these overblown charges and work to get their desired case results.

Time Is A Factor In Criminal Cases

Contacting our law firm early allows us to prevent mistakes and build a strong defense for your case. We will work to get your charges dismissed and can guide you through your first hearing. Do not talk to anyone about your case until you speak with our attorney.

Call 857-203-0900 or send us a message to schedule your free consultation. We respond to all messages within 24 hours.